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In the last years the all-white look has been a standard in bathroom decoration. The clean, peaceful feeling as well as the illusion of an amplified space (especially when combined with strategically placed mirrors) earned the preference of many home owners.


Duque d'Ávila 193 - Bathroom by Silver Keys Properties

However colour has slowly taken its claim in bathroom decoration. Be it for retro decor affection or an overexposure of minimalistic designs, a lot of new trends for bathroom decoration are colour heavy. So if you feel that your bathroom might be a bit sterile here are some suggestions to add some character to it:

Experiment with shower curtains: shower curtains are a quick and cheap way to completely change the mood of your bathroom. You might use a light tone for a subtle touch in your well organized, minimalistic bathroom or a more pungent colour for a strong contrast, preferably if you have metal or dark appliances.

Have something to look at: if putting your most prized piece of art in the bathroom seems like a bad idea, that’s because it is. However adding some printed tiles, photos, posters, clever text art or even a small painting can be a charming way to break the monotony of a monochromatic bathroom wall.

Have something to step on: few things can be as cruel as fast as unforgiving cold tiles after a warm shower. A throw rug or bathroom carpet will be a painfully forgotten ally in these dreadful momentsand its cosiness will be felt as soon as one enters the bathroom.

Plants: even though the high temperatures and humidity levels makes the environment in most bathrooms improper to gardening, some plants can thrive in this kind of conditions. Adding a plant in your bathroom will not only give it a homey feeling, it might also be a great asset when it comes to air purification (especially the Ivy, Peace Lily and Snake Plant species).

Creative storage solutions: modern minimalistic bathrooms can suffer from lack of storage room.Wooden spice racks, wicker baskets and storage ladders are some easy ways to add both storage and personality to your bathroom.

Experiment with furniture: if you have the space in your bathroom adding some furniture to it is a quick way to make it more comfortable. Be it stools, big or small, for spa like grooming, or vintage dressers, armories and cabinets for storage options, or as a personalized vanity, an unexpected piece of furniture can completely the look of your bathroom.

Sacramento 28 - Classic bathroom by Silver Keys Properties